Patrick Mahomes and Daughter Sterling Wear Matching ‘Family Time’ Sneakers He Designed in Her Honor

Patrick Mahomes and wife Brittany shared photos from their day out at the zoo, where the family wore the NFL star’s newest Adidas release

Patrick Mahomes Wears Matching 'Family Time' Sneakers with Daughter Sterling Skye That He Designed In Her Honor
Patrick Mahomes’ newest sneaker release has a special tie to his little girl.

On Monday, the NFL quarterback, 27, announced his newest release with Adidas on daughter Sterling Skye’s second birthday. He revealed the new colorway, called “Family Time,” on Instagram.

“For Sterling Skye 💙🌤️ My latest colorway ‘Family Time’ drops today for Sterling’s birthday 🎉,” he captioned a pair of shots, one where he wears the shoes and another of a close-up of sneakers.

On wife Brittany Mahomes’ Instagram Story, the mom of two shared scenes from the family’s day at the zoo celebrating Sterling, during which Mom, Dad, and daughter all wore the baby blue sneakers.

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L: Caption Patrick Mahomes carrying daughter Sterling Skye on his shoulders. PHOTO: BRITTANY MAHOMES/INSTAGRAM
C: Caption Patrick Mahomes with daughter Sterling Skye sitting on his lap. PHOTO: BRITTANY MAHOMES/INSTAGRAM
R: Caption Patrick Mahomes walking away from the camera while carrying daughter Sterling Skye, who peers over his shoulder. PHOTO: BRITTANY MAHOMES/INSTAGRAM

Brittany Mahomes and Daughter Sterling Celebrate Patrick Mahomes Going to the Super Bowl: Photos
The three posed together at the zoo in the shoes, which Sterling wore with pink ruffly socks and a baby pink and cream-checkered t-shirt and shorts.

Sterling took in the sights as she sat on her dad’s shoulders while they walked through different attractions.

Over the weekend, the family celebrated Sterling with a “Two Sweet”-themed bash that carried a dessert motif throughout the event.

L: Caption Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes laughing while posing for photos with daughter Sterling Skye. PHOTO: PATRICK MAHOMES/INSTAGRAM
R: Caption Patrick Mahomes holding daughter Sterling Skye. PHOTO: BRITTANY MAHOMES/INSTAGRAM
A donut-themed playground featured a set of slides and a ball pit, while another wall was decorated in faux candy heart print. The birthday girl was treated to two birthday cakes — a three-tier pink and white donut-themed cake and a single-tier glazed donut-hole cake with a big, pink No. 2 on it.

The toddler could be seen enjoying the party with her little friends, and at one point, she cuddled up to her Kansas City Current co-owner mom.

After a busy day, the family of four spent some quality time at home, where the toddler enjoyed more quality time with dad and little brother Patrick “Bronze” Lavon, 3 months — from opening up gifts to relaxing with her baby brother in matching outfits.

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