Brittany Mahomes Shares That Husband Patrick Is ‘Proud’ When Daughter Sterling Drifts Off to Sleep Embracing a Basketball

Brittany Mahomes recently shared a heartwarming moment involving her husband, NFL star Patrick Mahomes, and their daughter, Sterling. According to Brittany, Patrick was filled with pride when he saw their young daughter fall asleep cuddling a basketball. This sweet family moment highlights the bond between Patrick and his daughter and hints at a potential love for sports in the next generation.


A Proud Father

Sterling’s Affection for Basketball

Sterling Mahomes, the young daughter of Patrick and Brittany Mahomes, has already shown an affinity for sports. Brittany revealed that Sterling fell asleep while cuddling a basketball, a sight that made her father incredibly proud.

Patrick’s Reaction

Patrick Mahomes, known for his prowess on the football field, was thrilled to see his daughter showing an interest in sports. Brittany shared that Patrick couldn’t hide his pride and joy at the adorable sight, indicating how much it meant to him to see Sterling embrace a sports-related item.

A Family of Athletes

Athletic Heritage

The Mahomes family has a strong athletic background, with Patrick being one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL and Brittany being a former professional soccer player. It’s no surprise that their daughter might develop a love for sports, given the influence and environment she’s growing up in.

Encouraging Sportsmanship

Both Patrick and Brittany Mahomes are likely to encourage Sterling’s interest in sports, whatever they may be. Their own experiences as professional athletes provide them with the tools and understanding to support and nurture their daughter’s potential athletic interests.

Conclusion: A Heartwarming Family Moment

The image of Sterling Mahomes falling asleep cuddling a basketball has resonated with many fans, showcasing a tender family moment that highlights the pride and joy of a father seeing his daughter embrace something close to his heart. As Sterling grows, it will be exciting to see if her early interest in sports continues, potentially following in the athletic footsteps of her parents.

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