To break a record, an Italian cosplayer builds colossal mechanical wings

A really unique artist and cosplayer is Arianna Palumbo (Italy), better known as Demon Cosplay.

She took her initial steps into the cosplay scene in 2019, and since then she has dedicated herself fully to a very unique project: a magnificent set of wings.

The prop broke the record for the biggest motorized wings on a cosplay outfit, measuring a total of 6.22 m (20.4 ft).

Arianna’s record was broken towards the end of January 2022, and her masterpiece was showcased on the Milan set of Lo Show Dei Record in April, solidifying her position as a cosplayer success.

An Italian cosplayer creates enormous mechanical wings to set a record. -

biggest open certification mechanical wings

Cosplay is a practice that is frequently despised.

Purchasing supplies and accessories requires effort, money, and time. Sure, it’s fun, but it’s also about devoting hours to a costume, coming up with inventive methods to construct props, and, at the end of it all, posing for photos. It’s about being proud of your work.

Cosplay frequently has little to do with comfort.

After spending several hours in high heels and carrying the enormous wings on her back, Arianna welcomed us backstage with a big smile on her face despite freezing in the chilly Milan winter.

Your breath will catch when you see Arianna’s hand-sewn clothing, neatly coiffed hairdo, and beautiful white wings elegantly spreading in the air.

She is portraying Goddess Elizabeth from the manga series The Seven Deadly Sins, and it gives her an air of nobility that is nearly angelic, like a real-life angel (originally Nanatsu no Taizai, 2012, Japan).

Elizabeth is a princess in Nakaba Suzuki’s tale, the goddess’ reincarnation, and Meliodas, the series’ main protagonist’s love interest.

But Arianna made sure the outfit was special in its own right.

An Italian cosplayer creates enormous mechanical wings to set a record. -

biggest mechanical wings backdrop that is black

Regarding her record and her presence at Lo Show Dei Record, she exclaims, “It was great.” “Building my wings as well as wearing them was a terrific experience. working on them

“Right now, I feel as though I’m in the stars in the sky. I’m thrilled. by Arianna

Arianna’s online identity, Demon Cosplay, was created in 2019.

Arianna, who is a gifted illustrator, got right to work on her first cosplay.

She recreated the armor of her favorite Saint Seiya character, Gemini, for the event (the world-famous manga and anime series illustrated by Masami Kurumada, started in 1986).

Following that, Arianna started working on increasingly complex projects, which she displayed at two of the biggest anime conventions in Italy: Romics and Lucca Comics.

An Italian cosplayer creates enormous mechanical wings to set a record. -

A detail of the wings

Arianna informed us that it only took a month to construct the wings from scratch.

She quips, “It may be another record.”

“The electric component of this costume was the most difficult, “Added her. I had no prior knowledge of mechanics or electronics, so I was unsure of where to begin.

But the internet saved the day: Arianna studied a number of YouTube how-to videos and called an electrician friend for advice on how to create a battery and get it to operate correctly on the massive wings’ framework.

She said it took a lot of work, but eventually she began to comprehend, and everything fell into place.

“And I believe that everyone can achieve it if they have a little patience.”

An Italian cosplayer creates enormous mechanical wings to set a record. -

oversized mechanical wings Ariana laughing

Arianna is a cosplayer who is not just tremendously accomplished and dedicated, but also wonderfully charming.

You can’t help but fall in love with her work when you see her with her silver wings and dazzling contact lenses. It took her some time, though, before she began making her costumes and erecting her set pieces.

“I’ve always loved to watch anime on TV all day, but I just recently learned about gatherings and conventions, “she claims. “Also, I disagree that cosplay has an age limit.

“You may start whenever you choose; age is only a number.”

After the epidemic, Arianna is looking forward to participating in comic-cons and cosplaying in person since she has now discovered a supportive group.

An Italian cosplayer creates enormous mechanical wings to set a record. -

biggest certified mechanical wings

Despite how proud Arianna is of her wings, she also intends to construct a new, more manageable set for picture sessions.

In this manner, she won’t have to worry about bearing the weight of a record-breaking, enormous pair of wings on her shoulders when cosplaying as Elizabeth, only symbolically speaking.

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