Thousands of tourists flock to Spain to see up close the imposing giant bull, 40 feet high and weighing 8 tons, the largest species in the world (Video).

A magnificent bull, El Gigante has broken the world record as the largest bull ever witnessed, proudly leaping to an astonishing height of 12 meters and weighing approximately 14 peaks. This remarkable bull, called El Gigape, captivated the attention of millions of people around the world during an event held in Spain.


The Gigate was born and raised on a farm in southern Spain, where his immense size and strength quickly earned him a reputation. The owners of the farm, Miguel and María González, were amazed by the bull’s extraordinary proportions and decided to include it in the world record books.

Breaking the world record turned out to be a huge undertaking, requiring months of meticulous preparation and play. In the city of Seville, a specially constructed area was built to measure and weigh El Gigante in front of a role of judges. The area was designed to accommodate the bull’s enormous size, with reinforced steel walls and a specially designed scale capable of supporting its weight.


As the day of the event approached, expectation grew among the Spanish people and around the world. Millions of spectators came to watch the television shows, while thousands of people walked the streets of Seville in the hope of catching a glimpse of this great bull.

Finally the time came. The Gigate was led into the arena, its imposing form casting a shadow over the crowd. The judges took their positions and began the measurements, while the crowd held its breath in anticipation.

After several moments of tension, the decree was approved: El Gigante had broken the world record for the largest bull ever seen, surpassing the previous record by several meters. The crowd erupted in cheers and applause, while the farm owners embraced their prized bull with pure joy and pride.


The event proved to be a great success, attracting millions of people to Seville and generating immense enthusiasm and interest around the world. The Giant became a global sensation, with people traveling from far and wide to catch a glimpse of the enormous bull and take photographs with it.


The González family conveyed their gratitude to all those who participated in the historic event and to those who supported their efforts in raising and caring for El Gigante. They hope the bull’s record-breaking achievement will inspire others to pursue their own goals and dreams, no matter how formal or ambitious they may seem.

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