This is the best place to prospect for gold: (Looking for Gold Nuggets)

I came to this river to look for gold. Now it’s winter, The snow has melted, Stokke Tobacco is promised soon. I hope to find a nugget today. Let’s see, and I’ll find, I’ll show everything. I Just Went Down, took the Necessary Things, took the Magnet. I want to see if it will be magnetic gold or not?

I would like to find it, of course. Let’s get a look. Everything happens in Real Mode. I mean, I turned on the camera, and just, and, well, here’s where the rock begins. My God, You See It, You Just Look Darling, I Found The Nugget.

This is best Places for Gold Prospecting

Such a Find, Immediately take that goes. I saw, dear, I already justified my hopes.

What Beauty, My God, One Kilogram of Gold, even more, the fact is Yes, I’ll put it here. While You have to go See. If only not to fall here, guide me, I won’t be slippery there. Wow, look out, there is a scattering of gold scythe.

This is best Places for Gold Prospecting

Now let’s look at the whole, such stones are just gigantic coming from me here, and here on the left Shore Oblique Gold Formed. Let’s get it now.

Yes, by the way, she has changed for you. The Water Was Only 100 Clear, It Became Dirty And And And It Became Bigger It Looks Like A Glacier Is Melting, A Glacier.

That’s So, then Someone Do It That will please, Commands Today Gold Magnetic.

That’s for me Allows you to get it faster. Look, here is my Gold Magnetizing.

This is best Places for Gold Prospecting

It’s just a fairy tale, not life, but a fairy tale.

Found out Now. I’ll show you everything, stay with me.

This is best Places for Gold Prospecting

This is best Places for Gold Prospecting

This is best Places for Gold Prospecting

Let’s not forget that we also have Magnetic Gold.

That’s It I Understand Now This Scythe, I’ll Raise It From The Author.

It’s nice to have such results.

Look at Such Beauty of Joy.

If Wealth Understand, Gold, It’s, It’s Tricky Metals, You Can Imagine Roses, How Much It’s Worth.

This is best Places for Gold Prospecting

I’m Afraid These Numbers We Pronounce Simple.

Gold Under Feet, Literally True 72, It Got Dirty, The Water Level Rise, It’s A Little Bit.

True, Wow, Winter Gold, I Understand That.

Today I got lucky.

Today I discovered the Magnetic Hall.

It doesn’t always happen, it often happens that it doesn’t magnetize.

This is best Places for Gold Prospecting

Chic Nugget, Of course, and discovered Kilogram 10 Pure Gold.

I’ll still dig, otherwise my hands are frozen, my legs are too.

By the way, Guns, Uncle Vova Komarov Didn’t Fall About.

Look, it’s nice to find such finds.

Hard Work We have to dig, look, but it’s worth it.

Look, Nugget, Gold Of course I found a bigger one, Here, But It’s also nice.

When compared to this.

That Is The Biggest Today.

This is best Places for Gold Prospecting

Now I will continue to search, I just need to get warm, my hands, my feet are frozen, the water is ice cold.

The first Nugget I Found, She Got it, Dirty was found, and it took Two Hours As I Wear it, I Little by little got good at the Yellow Rolling Pin, Looked, Walked, Searched and That’s What I Managed to Get 5 Nuggets in These 2 Hours and Loose Magnetic Gold.

This is best Places for Gold Prospecting

Look, this is the largest one, it is also quite large, and these are one kilogram each, maybe a little more than a kilogram for two nuggets.

Still Collected As I Could, Digged By, Seated, Watched, I’m Here

Also Discovered Gold.

Now I’ll Go There A Lot Of It.

Here Two Hundred Meters From Here I Found Another Accumulation Of Gold Good Here I Picked Up As I Could.

At This End Good Luck To All And Bye Bye

See you.

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