Theorist Discloses The beginning of life on Earth can be found in the book We Are the Extraterrestrials

A newer theory emerged after several results came back from the drones we’ve sent into space in the past. According to this newfound evidence, our DNA could actually come from somewhere else, not our planet.

Carl Sagan, also known as the one from Cosmos, also tried to find organic molecules in тιтan’s atmosphere, believing there was something special about it

Theorist Reveals We Are The Extraterrestrials - The Origin Of Life On Planet Earth

тιтan is a giant moon of Saturn that most experts say could be habitable, and to its surprise, its search amᴀssed what appeared to be brown powder. He referred to them as Tholinen, and unfortunately, during the Cᴀssini-Huygens mission, launched in 2004 to study Saturn and тιтan, he encountered nothing of significance. As you might have guessed, Carl was already deceased by that point, so the lack of discoveries that day didn’t really bother him.

Theorist Reveals We Are The Extraterrestrials - The Origin Of Life On Planet Earth

Recently, however, a number of experts have collaborated to analyze the properties of these tholins. These lights raised an interesting question as experts now focused on the following idea: What might the circular polarization seen in comets be and why is it there in the first place?

Theorist Reveals We Are The Extraterrestrials - The Origin Of Life On Planet Earth

The general consensus after much research is that these asteroids and comets could be carriers of DNA inside, traveling through space and time only to fall on planets like Earth, and if they are habitable life will find a way to express yourself.

Theorist Reveals We Are The Extraterrestrials - The Origin Of Life On Planet Earth

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