The world’s oldest cat is 27 years old

A British cat has been acknowledged as the oldest living cat just before her 27th birthday.

Don’t be deceived by outward looks; Flossie may still be charming and amusing, but she is an elderly lady.

The record-breaking cat is in good condition despite having limited vision and hearing at the nyan-tastic age of 26 years and 316 days, or nearly the feline equivalent of 120 human years.

Throughout her lengthy existence, Flossie, a stunning brown and black cat with a kind personality who enjoys food and cuddling, has lived in several homes.

The oldest cat in the world-27 years old. -

She is still lively and inquisitive, unaffected by her deafness, and easily acclimates to new situations despite her blindness, according to her current owner Vicki.

Flossie spends every day either cuddled up under her favorite yellow blanket, snoozing next to her owner, or eating a beautiful, large bowl of food.

Vicki remarks, “She never turns her nose up at the prospect of a nice dinner.

The quest for Flossie to confirm her record began in August 2022 when she was placed in the custody of Cats Protection, the top cat protection organization in the UK.

We were shocked to learn that Flossie was 27 years old, according to her medical records, stated Cats Protection’s Branch Coordinator Naomi Rosling.

The oldest cat in the world-27 years old. -

Owner and Flossie

She is the oldest cat I’ve ever encountered; in human years, she is about 120. Noam Rosling

Flossie’s destiny had just taken an unpredictable turn when, after more than 26 years of bliss, she discovered herself homeless in 2022.

Flossie appeared doomed to remain with Cats Protection, facing the severe danger of spending the rest of her life hunting for a home because most cat owners prefer the concept of adopting a much younger cat.

However, Flossie was fortunate.

The oldest cat in the world-27 years old. -

Flossie is gazing with her eyes open.

A quick match was made with a potential new mother.

In her lengthy life, this represents a joyful and maybe unexpected new chapter.

When Flossie was adopted by a staff member at the Merseyside hospital in December 1995, the narrative of Flossie officially began.

She was a juvenile stray at the time, living in a cat colony adjacent to the hospital.

When the kittens were just a few months old, some staff decided to adopt one each out of compassion.

After spending the first few months of her existence as a wild cat, Flossie was welcomed into a home full of affection, food, and toys.

She cohabited with her owner for ten years, till they passed away.

After then, Flossie was housed by the sister of her prior owner.

The oldest cat in the world-27 years old. -

Owner holding certificate for Flossie

Sadly, when her second owner passed away after the cat had been in the new residence for 14 years, the cat once more found herself in need of a home. She was 24 at the time.

Fortunately, she found refuge with the son of her previous owner, who also resolved to care for her as best he could.

The following three years saw Flossie residing with him.

However, there are occasions when tough decisions must be taken.

At some point, every pet owner has encountered a challenging circumstance and may have even questioned their suitability to care for the animal.

Due to his predicament, Flossie’s owner made the painful choice to give his cat to volunteers at the Cats Protection branch in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough, and District.

It’s always difficult to say goodbye to a beloved family pet, but he knew that he couldn’t take care of Flossie’s requirements, so he made the mature decision to send her to a charity that could offer the aging cat the care, attention, and company she needed.

The oldest cat in the world-27 years old. -

Flossie receiving a pet

Though it didn’t make things any easier, the choice was made only with the cat’s best interests in mind.

According to Naomi Rosling of Cats Protection, “It wasn’t an easy decision.”

“When it was in Flossie’s best interest, he asked for our assistance. Responsible cat ownership is putting an animal’s needs ahead of one’s own.”

Vicki Green and Flossie first met at that time.

Vicki, an executive assistant who also loves animals and has expertise caring for senior cats, had no idea that she would be hosting a world record holder in her home.

Vicki is happy to report that Flossie is doing well and that she has adapted well to her new home and mother.

She was noisy the first few nights since she couldn’t see in the dark and was a little disoriented in her new home, but now that she’s curled up on my bed with me, she sleeps through the night.

“I shall be a very happy person if I am in such good form when I am her age with someone who does what’s best for me when I need it the most.” Victoria Green

The oldest cat in the world-27 years old. -

Flossie dozing off

Vicki is eager to start this new chapter of her life with Flossie since she has a warm bed, her new favorite yellow blanket, and lots of love and hugs.

“Flossie already feels at home in our new life together, which makes me so happy,”

Vicki adds, “I knew Flossie was a special cat from the beginning, but I didn’t think I’d share my house with a world record holder.

“She is really loving and lively, which is quite endearing when you consider her age. I’m very happy that Cats Protection paired me with such a wonderful kitty.”

Vicki hopes that Flossie’s tale may inspire present and future cat owners to think about providing aging cats with a safe haven.

All that these creatures desire is a cozy bed and a calm, caring environment. Despite having so much love to give, they frequently spend their final days in shelters.

The oldest cat in the world-27 years old. -

On her blanket, Flossie

As long as one is conscious of the needs of the animal, many, many pet owners have had wonderful delights when welcoming a geriatric or crippled animal into their homes. However, it’s frequently overlooked completely.

Vicki remarked of her personal experience, “I’ve always wanted to give senior animals a nice latter life.”

Vicki was prepared for everything and understood how to take care of an old cat.

Vicki had a long-term friend and pet named Honeybun who lived to be 21 years old. Vicki had firsthand knowledge of the satisfactions of caring for an elderly, lovable animal.

She is willing to assist Flossie with the minor daily duties that can be challenging for a cat her age since she is aware of her requirements.

“She occasionally forgets to use the litter box or requires assistance with self-grooming, but I can aid with all of that. We are all involved in this.”

“Many adult cats from Cats Protection are looking for homes and don’t require a lot of upkeep. They only need a hug and a comfortable place to sleep. It’s been satisfying for both of us to adopt Flossie, so I’m delighted Cats Protection paired us.”

The oldest puppies have long been the focus of Guinness World Records (like Gino, our current record holder for the oldest canine still alive, who is 22 years old).

The oldest cat to ever exist, Creme Puff, is ten years older than Flossie.

The oldest cat in the world-27 years old. -

Flossie up close

This incredible record-breaker was born on August 3, 1967, in Texas, and passed away on August 6, 2005. That equals a ripe old age of 38 years, 3 months, and 2 days.

The world-record-breaking cat resided in Austin, Texas, with its owner, Jake Perry.

We hope for the best for Flossie and are forward to follow her on her future journeys.

You may be sure that this lovely cat is still being pampered and treasured by her devoted family in the interim.

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