The top “fashion gentleman” in the sports community is Neymar.

Confident soccer star on the red carpet of fashion

Neymar uprooted his life and traveled to the romantic city of Paris, where he was reunited with his compatriot Dani Alves. He became an integral part of the world’s fashion capital very fast and walked on a number of renowned catwalks. At Olivier Rousteing’s show for Balmain during the Spring/Summer 2018 Womenswear Show, the two Brazilians walked the runway like true supermodels. Rousteing is the designer and creative director for Balmain. They expressed a lot of excitement.

Neymar - The leading 'fashion gentleman' in the sports village

Neymar can be seen in the photo standing beside Dani Alves and Olivier Rousteing while sporting a military-inspired Balmain Double Breasted Blazer jacket that comes with a hefty price tag of £2,350. Suede boots are a terrific method to give character to an outfit as a whole because of their unique appearance.

Neymar - The leading 'fashion gentleman' in the sports village

Neymar and David Beckham are both legendary figures in the world of football, but the two will never share the pitch together. When they finally did meet, though, during the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris, social media went absolutely crazy.

Neymar - The leading 'fashion gentleman' in the sports village

The Brazilian striker is known to accessorize his “double denim” attire with accessories like as watches, spectacles, and bandanas to give the impression that he is still a youthful man. The proof is in the ensemble that he wore to the Fashion Week event put on by Tommy Hilfiger in New York.

Neymar - The leading 'fashion gentleman' in the sports village

Look at what Neymar wore to the launch of the “Spirit of the Brave” perfume brand with Diesel Fragrances: a black tuxedo, a black shirt with wild gold tribal motifs, a rosary-style necklace, a knee-length black dress, and high heels.

Neymar - The leading 'fashion gentleman' in the sports village

In spite of the jokes and rumors, a football player who was 28 years old was the one who initiated the “men in skirts?” movement. – A movement that fashion designers from all around the world have been promoting for some time to demonstrate that style can be attainable for anybody.

Further thoughts on the book “Spirit of the Brave” This marks the first time that Diesel Fragrances has collaborated with a prominent athlete to promote the brand’s mission, which is to inspire young men all over the world to overcome their apprehensions, continue to develop, and realize their full potential. It’s possible that Diesel and the captain of the Brazilian team worked together on this project because both of them went through challenging times as children when they played football on the street.

Neymar - The leading 'fashion gentleman' in the sports village

Neymar’s fashion collection is a must-have for men’s watches, which are the most important piece of jewelry. With a good salary, the most expensive player in the world can buy luxury brand items, adding to a collection of high-quality clothing.

Neymar - The leading 'fashion gentleman' in the sports village

According to The Telegraph, in 2014, Neymar went to a GaGa Milano boutique in Tokyo and purchased 16 watches for a total of 20 million yen, which is equivalent to $180,000 USD. In 2017, he returned to the company as a brand ambassador and collaborated with a number of other individuals to establish his very own product line.

Neymar - The leading 'fashion gentleman' in the sports village

Neymar is a great role model for other men who desire to dress in excellent, masculine suits without appearing to be overly stiff in them. The PSG player looked dapper in an immaculate Bordeaux suit while attending the 2017 FIFA The Best awards. This gave him the appearance of being younger and more prominent than two of his famous teammates, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who both wore the typical black suit.

Neymar - The leading 'fashion gentleman' in the sports village

Neymar walks across the fashion stage in a flashy, colorful way. He doesn’t look like the pitch artist, who has a more casual style. He really likes shoes with designs that are unique, different, and expensive.

Neymar - The leading 'fashion gentleman' in the sports village

The handsome footballer will sometimes change his style by wearing all Nike logos: Logo-Print Color-Block Nylon Track Jacket + Air More Uptempo Sneakers.

Neymar - The leading 'fashion gentleman' in the sports village

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