The family of dogs that adopted the orphaned cow when she was a little child raised her for the remainder of her life.



Our cows eat together, sleep together and play with the family dogs, even being raised by dogs.

This cute cow, named Buddy, was adopted by Coral and Wayne Algie when she was just 1 day old. grew up in the care and care of the algie family dogs, little by little this cow thought of herself as a dog, every time she got excited she would wag her tail like a pet. Buddy’s mother is known to have died after becoming trapped in a dam near the coral couple’s farm in New South Wales, Australia.


The couple brought Buddy with their dogs, as the dog Bada had just given birth to a pack of 11 puppies. This cow is currently 6 weeks old and has many dog-like behaviors such as playing ball with her siblings, tail wagging. and snuggle together while they sleep.

Coral shared, “Bada actually considered Buddy his 12th cub, and even Buddy didn’t know it was a cow. I thought it was much more like a dog. Buddy loves to play with humans and dogs. and the care that Bad gives to this orphaned calf is so wonderful that he is often at Buddy’s side.”

Wayne and Coral discovered Buddy after trying to rescue his mother from the dam next door. Coral said that when the cow ran away, she was exhausted and died shortly after.


Since being adopted by the couple, Buddy has quickly adjusted to life on the farm. The cow often plays with the children of the family, Bella and Lawson. “Buddy is very affectionate, often chasing and biking with the kids.” – Coral said.


Despite being part of the dog family, it’s undeniably clear that Buddy is a cow. Because of that, his body gets bigger and of course he will have to sleep on the porch. Buddy consumes 10.5 liters of fresh milk every day and when mature can weigh up to 600kg. However, the choral couple said they will still consider him a house pet no matter how “oversized” Buddy is.

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