The 6,600-year-old Ekaterinovskia Mys grave 45 of a young man

The 6,600-year-old Ekaterinovskia Mys grave 45 of a young man, in the Volga Region of Russia, buried with a carved elk antler in the shape of a bird’s head, 3 stone mace heads, the skeleton of a young domestic goat sprinkled with red ocher and 2 leg and hand bones of other individuals
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“From the Ekaterinivka Cape burial ground in the Samara region. Around 4600 BC. A man 20-25 years old, buried in a headdress made of a bird’s skull. 3 stone maces were placed in the grave. The grave also contained 2 severed hands and 2 severed legs of 2 other men (apparently killed by an enemy warrior who may have owned 2 of the 3 maces) A domesticated goat was sacrificed Autosomal genes: ca. 3/4 Eastern European hunter-gatherer, ca. 1/ 4 Caucasian hunter-gatherer”.

According to Wikipedia, most representatives of the Khvalyn culture who lived 6,700 years ago had the Y-chromosomal haplogroup R1b1a. The burial grounds of the Khvalynsk culture are represented by dolichocrane, moderately narrow-faced (mesokephaly) Caucasians of the Pontic type. On the skulls of mature people, surface defects of oval-scaphoid bone tissue are often found. Suggestions have been made about the ritual causes of these impact injuries, possibly inflicted during age-related initiation.

That is, they completely knocked out the brains. The weapons were knives and daggers made of flint and bone, which in graves lie in the hands or in the heads of the deceased (even children). Judging by the solar ornament of the ceramics, the culture bearers worshiped the sun. This connection between sun worshipers and militancy is curious. If you worship the sun, then “forces of darkness” immediately arise and “holivars” begin. One of the characteristic artifacts of the Khvalynsk culture is the so-called. zoomorphic scepters, representing insignias of power.

Although it is not clear whether this power was priestly or leader. It may well be that the “khvalyntsy” were an ethnic mixture of two components: the bulk came from the local Samara culture, and the “aces” came from the Mangyshlak region. The bulk of the Khvalyn population was buried quite modestly, without any signs of property stratification, and even without pronounced signs of social stratification, but at the same time, a stone cairn or a small burial mound, an early prototype of the mound, was built over some burials. Subsequently, the mound was a real hill from which the buried leader could ascend to the heavenly gods. And, of course, the remains of horses are found everywhere in the graves, which indicates the extremely high role of this animal in the life of the “khvalyntsy”.

Let me remind you that the first raids of Aryan shepherds in the Balkans occurred between 4200 and 3900 BC. e. So, the bearers of the old European agricultural cultures of Gumelnitsa, Varna and Karanovo in Eastern Romania and Bulgaria most likely saw the Aryans as they are depicted in the picture above, such as “Chingachgooks” on horseback, with long beaks and feathers on their heads, armed with pikes , bows and arrows and stone maces on ropes.

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