“Ronaldo’s Coaching Carousel: 5 Coaches Exit in 2.5 Years Due to Inadequate Capabilities”

Ronaldo has worked with 5 different teachers in just over 2 and a half years. Is that the fault of the Portuguese superstar?5 coaches in 2 and a half years, is Ronaldo the one who 'kills' coaches?

The last few days have been very rough for MU players. But normal work hasn’t changed at all. Since Michael Carrick is briefly in charge of the team, training sessions will stay the same in terms of number, length, and method.

Sheik of Madeira on X: "Maurizio Sarri had never won a league title until  Cristiano Ronaldo carried him to a Serie A. https://t.co/e4e8MaEHAf" / X

But there is something important to know about Cristiano Ronaldo. He has worked with 5 coaches in the last 2 and a half years, including Carrick. Massimiliano Allegri, Maurizio Sarri, and Andrea Pirlo were all at Juventus. Next came Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, and now Carrick is at Manchester United. What’s to come? The seventh person could be Mauricio Pochetino, Zinedine Zidane, or even Steve Bruce, who wants to be a fireman at Old Trafford.

Ronaldo pays tribute to departing Allegri - AS USA

Is Ronaldo a master of subversion or a “killer” of coaches? The angry responses after each disappointing outcome added to the questions. Not really.

5 coaches in 2 and a half years, is Ronaldo the one who 'kills' coaches?  photo 1

Are you the one who “kills” coaches? He’s had 5 in 2 and a half years.  picture 1

This is Ronaldo’s fifth coach in the last two and a half years. His last one was Michael Carrick. (Image: The Daily Mail)

Like when he played for Manchester United, Ronaldo has a lot of respect for Solskjaer and is friends with Darren Fletcher. Even though he is a celebrity, he still works out more than anyone else. A person who spoke to The Athletic said that Ronaldo always listened and showed respect during practice, setting a good example for his peers.

Paul Clement, who used to be an assistant coach at Real, also always has nice things to say about Ronaldo. When everyone is there, he has seen big stars often show up last and then sit down in the back row without a word. It’s not like Ronaldo. There is no better way for him to spend his time than at the tactical analysis classes. That is why he always gets there early to get a good seat in the front row.

Ronaldo’s behavior can make people feel uncomfortable and even disrespectful toward the boss. Ronaldo, on the other hand, is always hungry to win and can’t accept himself or anyone else if he doesn’t do his best to win.

Some Manchester United players were unhappy with Solskjaer in the last few days of his time in charge, as reported by the Telegraph. They think the Norwegian coach is being unfair because some people don’t get to start even though they’re not doing well, while others do. Cristiano Ronaldo is also upset, but not with Solskjaer. He thinks the team is playing badly, which makes many of his friends happy. When the whole team got together last week after an international game, Ronaldo gave a speech encouraging everyone to do their best to help MU move forward.

Are you the one who “kills” coaches? He’s had 5 in 2 and a half years.  picture 2

5 coaches in 2 and a half years, is Ronaldo the one who 'kills' coaches?  photo 2

Ronaldo has helped Solskjaer in every way, from scoring goals to getting the team more motivated. (Sky Sports picture)

It’s not clear if Manchester United made the right choice when they signed Ronaldo, just like Juventus did before. But the great player from Portugal is not to blame for Allegri, Sarri, Pirlo, or Solskjaer losing their jobs. If not for Ronaldo’s goals, Manchester United might have fallen further in the Premier League ranks and been knocked out of the Champions League. The Norwegian coach would have been fired early as well.

Ronaldo’s job is to score goals, and he has done a good job of it even though Manchester United’s method isn’t very good. Like Pirlo, Sarri, or Allegri, Solskjaer’s job is to keep things in balance. They failed and had to pay for it.

This will be hard for the person who takes over for Solskjaer. The person MU chooses must come up with a good method for Ronaldo that takes advantage of the many goals he will set up while also having a strong defense to lower risks. If they don’t, they will end up like the teachers Ronaldo has broken up with in the past few years. As always, Ronaldo is not to blame.

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