Renowned “Alien Abduction” Victim Reveals Terrifying Experience in New Documentary

Mr. Travis Walton – the victim of the world-famous “alien abduction” case appeared in a new series of UFO documents.

Nạn nhân vụ người ngoài hành tinh bắt cóc nổi nhất lịch sử kể về ngày định mệnh trong phim tài liệu mới ra, nghe mà rùng mình! - Ảnh 1.

Just released at the beginning of this August, the documentary film Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified (Vietnamese title: Top Secret UFO Project: Revealing the Mystery) has quickly attracted the attention of the audience, reaching the audience. top Netflix most watched shows in the world. Revolving around the theme of aliens and UFOs, the film evokes conspiracy theories, evidence and arguments about the existence of extraterrestrial forces that have visited Earth.

Prominent in the content of Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified, is that the producer has contacted individuals who are believed to have interactions, directly related to aliens. In episode 2 of this documentary series, the audience met Travis Walton – the man who is remembered for the most famous and well-documented “alien abduction case”.

The experience of being kidnapped and “released” by Mr. Travis Walton made many people curious because it provided a lot of new information about the forces in space, but also encountered many criticisms, saying that all It’s all just a hoax. However, no one could prove that what he said was fake when he went through the test with the lie machine.

Nạn nhân vụ người ngoài hành tinh bắt cóc nổi nhất lịch sử kể về ngày định mệnh trong phim tài liệu mới ra, nghe mà rùng mình! - Ảnh 2.

According to what Travis Walton recounted, it all started on November 5, 1975, when he was on his way home to the woods near Snowflake, Arizona.

He shared that when he was returning home with six other workers, all of them discovered a huge, glowing and floating object about 33 meters away. This object emits an extremely shrill cry. When he got out of the truck near the aircraft, Mr. Walton suddenly lost consciousness due to a sudden flash of light.

When he regained consciousness, Mr. Walton said he was taken to a hospital-like room, observed by three dwarf creatures with smooth heads. He resisted until a human-like creature approached and led him to another room. After that, he lost consciousness until more than 5 days later, finding himself walking along a highway, and the other object flying overhead.

Faced with many doubts about the truth – falsity of the story, Mr. Walton has repeatedly stated that he and his friends have passed the tests using a lie detector. However, critics say that there is still a way to “trick” lie detection technology easily.

Nạn nhân vụ người ngoài hành tinh bắt cóc nổi nhất lịch sử kể về ngày định mệnh trong phim tài liệu mới ra, nghe mà rùng mình! - Ảnh 3.

Some people believe that Mr. Walton made up the story himself, because two weeks before the “kidnapping” NBC showed a movie called The UFO Incident about a UFO accident. The 1961 abduction of Betty and Barney Hill (this is another couple who also claim to have been captured by aliens).

In an interview in this Netflix documentary, Mr. Walton made the point that the aliens have no enmity with Earth, and they even tried to save his life.

“It took me many years to realize that they didn’t bring me back to dissect or do anything scary… the most likely thing was that they were saving me after fainting from the energy emanating from me. their flying boat,” he says in the film.

While it’s hard to completely trust Travis Walton’s account, the documentary Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified offers many other characters, evidence and theories, extremely convincing about the fact. alien existence on Earth.

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