Possible UFO crash discovery on the surface of Mars?

In 2006 images of Mars, what appears to be a crashed flying saucer can be seen on the surface of the red planet.

Mars has always been the subject of controversy because of the images that NASA brings to Earth. Theorists always find some evidence of some anomaly on the red planet that the space agency totally denies.

Now, Jean Ward was in charge of finding what appears to be a crashed flying saucer on the surface of Mars, which can be seen in photographs from the year 2006.

UFO crashed on Mars?Over the years, NASA has taken a plethora of images of Mars , from photos to video to live feeds from the rovers.

However, one of Australia’s greatest researchers and theorists, Jean Ward, discovered something extremely strange in some 2006 images . In them you can see what appears to be a crashed UFO on the Martian surface.

Ward was reviewing images taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter when he noticed a strange sight at the bottom of the Candor Chasma, a huge canyon in the Valles Marineris system on Mars.

This canyon is believed to be the equivalent of the Grand Canyon on Mars and, in fact, is considered the largest known canyon in the Solar System.

The investigator focused on it, noticing a “strange pit” that had a perfect disk at the end . This object is partially covered in sand and debris and behind it some random dunes.

An important find or just pareidolia?Ward says it appears to be a disk-shaped craft or object that entered at a very low angle. That’s why it ended up crashing on the surface of Mars, leaving that strange mark behind.

In the enlarged images, the researcher points out that it measures between 12 and 15 meters in diameter . He also points out that its width is about the same as the trench he left.

“It looks like a disk that is partially raised on one side as it sinks to the surface.”Some skeptics dismiss the find, claiming it to be a sand dune or space junk . Others believe it is something much more important, calling it a “great find.”

It is not really known what it is, since it cannot be proven that it is really a crashed UFO. NASA will also not give an “official” version of what Jean Ward showed, so we can only speculate until we can personally visit the red planet.

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