Messi’s wife’s ‘territory marking’ commotion

Messi's wife's 'territory marking' commotion -

The image of Messi giving Sofia Martinez, the sports reporter for TV Publica, a gentle, warm look in the interview after the 2022 World Cup semi-final between Argentina and Croatia caused a storm on social networks in Singapore. Argentina. It was reported that Antonela Roccuzzo’s wife later expressed jealousy, even forbidding him from getting close to Sofia. It was also Antonela who had what was considered a harsh reaction to “mark her territory” when Sofía appeared to be chasing Lionel Messi at the 2023 Golden Ball awards ceremony recently held in Paris.

Messi's wife's 'territory marking' commotion -

When Sofía approached Messi and the Argentinian star smiled back, his wife immediately came behind him, making a gesture that attracted a lot of attention. More specifically, the model and businesswoman lightly touched Messi’s back with her hand, the star who had just won his 8th Golden Ball. Hugo Lescano, a famous nonverbal communication expert in Argentina, analyzed: “I I once had a girlfriend who gently touched my hand every time I talked or greeted friends or acquaintances. It caught my attention until I discovered that, in fact, humans like other mammals “mark” their territory with a light touch.

Messi's wife's 'territory marking' commotion -

Expert Hugo added: “This is called ‘tactile perception’, the ability to perceive and convey emotions through physical contact. It also serves to show, sometimes unconsciously, that what we touch “belongs to us” as well as to remind anyone we touch that we are still there.”

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