Leo the Maine Coon: Reigns supreme in the Cat Kingdom

In Chicago, there lives a Maine Coon feline who exudes royalty. He adorns himself with exquisite crowns made from the finest artificial flowers, further accentuating his regal appearance. Maine Coons are naturally charming, cool, and majestic, and Leo is no exception. With his captivating pictures, it’s no wonder why he has a huge following on Instagram. Despite being the one wearing the crown, Leo is happy to share the limelight with his furry siblings – Lucy, Ori, Birdie, Bunnie, and Kota. Keep reading to know more about Leo and his adorable companions.

Leo The Maine Coon: The King of the Feline Kingdom (And His Siblings Are Well Aware!)

What’s Leo like in terms of personality?
Let me tell you about Leonidas or Leo for short (who weighs an impressive 21 lbs and is 6 years old). He’s generally a relaxed cat who enjoys lounging on the couch or spending time in our catio. However, when he’s hungry or craving attention, he can become quite demanding, frequently meowing incessantly until his needs are met. From time to time, he’ll even throw in some headbutts and paw pokes to get his point across.

Leo The Maine Coon: The King of the Feline Kingdom (And His Siblings Are Well Aware!)

When did you first notice Leo’s willingness to wear flower crowns? Well, I wouldn’t exactly say that Leo “enjoys” wearing flower crowns, or that any cat does for that matter. However, Leo is a good sport about it because he knows that he gets rewarded with treats! It’s kind of like paying a model for their time–but in treats instead of money. It’s important to note that not all cats are okay with this kind of thing, even with treats involved. Out of all my cats, Leo is the only one who has the patience for it. It’s also worth mentioning that the photos you see are just a quick snapshot in time–the crown only stays on for about 5-10 seconds before I take it off and give Leo his rewards.

As for the crowns themselves, I actually don’t design them myself. Most of them are purchased from a friend of mine named Yarely, who runs a beautiful Instagram account called @freyasfloralco. She’s incredibly talented at creating faux flower crowns!

Leo The Maine Coon: The King of the Feline Kingdom (And His Siblings Are Well Aware!)

Leo The Maine Coon: The King of the Feline Kingdom (And His Siblings Are Well Aware!)

Could you share with me some details about your feline family, including Lucy, Ori, Birdie, Bunnie Kota?

Lucy, the gray cat, joined the household when she was 5 years old after being adopted from PAWS Chicago. Her previous family had named her Lucy, and I decided to keep it as she was already responding to it. Now at 11 years old, Lucy is my first cat and quite independent. She knows how to get what she wants, whether it’s poking me when she’s hungry or when she wants water from the faucet. She also enjoys sitting on a warm lap and will hop up when I’m on the couch. Lucy is open to new cats as long as they don’t bother her.

Leo The Maine Coon: The King of the Feline Kingdom (And His Siblings Are Well Aware!)

Leo The Maine Coon: The King of the Feline Kingdom (And His Siblings Are Well Aware!)

When I was looking for a new kitten, I found Ori (Bengal) at Leap of Faith Bengals in California. Since I wanted a Greek mythology-inspired name that would match Leonidas, I decided to name him Orion. However, I preferred two-syllable names, so I made sure to choose a name that could be shortened. Ori is now 3 years old and the most energetic of all my cats. He spends most of his day running on his cat wheel and often acts like a bratty younger brother who always wants to play with his older siblings, Leo and Lucy. Sometimes, he gets a smack on the head when the others are not in the mood to tolerate his antics. Despite this, Ori is also an amazing foster brother! He is very gentle and caring towards all our foster cats and kittens, frequently cuddling and grooming them.

Leo The Maine Coon: The King of the Feline Kingdom (And His Siblings Are Well Aware!)

Birdie and Bunnie, both tabby cats, were my foster pets for this year. However, I ended up adopting them myself, which is what we call “foster failures.” They were previously named Laverne and Shirley, but I had to rename them as the rescue already had a kitten named Shirley. Birdie got her name because she would sometimes sit on our shoulders like a bird, while Bunnie was named after her habit of hopping over whenever we caught her attention. Interestingly, another family was in the final stages of adopting these two, but they backed out at the last minute. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing them, so I decided to keep them. They are very affectionate and have won my heart completely. Moreover, they get along well with the other cats, making them a perfect fit for my home.

Can You Define A Working Cat?

Leo The Maine Coon: The King of the Feline Kingdom (And His Siblings Are Well Aware!)

Meet Kota, my beloved pooch who happens to think he’s a cat. I named him Kota for no particular reason, but simply because I adored the sound of it. At the age of 4, he has proven to be the perfect companion for foster cats who need to feel comfortable around dogs. Kota relishes the company of cats more than that of other dogs. He is my constant shadow and I can’t imagine my life without him.
Although Leo may seem regal and serious in photographs, there’s something quite special about him. Leo is a mama’s boy who loves to be held like a baby, belly up on my lap. He also enjoys being swung over my shoulder while I’m standing up.

Leo The Maine Coon: The King of the Feline Kingdom (And His Siblings Are Well Aware!)

I want to express my gratitude to Jane for taking the time to chat with me about her adorable pets and for allowing me to showcase their pictures with all of our Cattitude Daily followers. Don’t hesitate to share these photos with any other feline enthusiasts you may know who would enjoy seeing Leo and his gorgeous companions. Also, if you’re interested in seeing more of Leo, Lucy, Ori, Birdie, Bunnie, and Kota, make sure to give them a follow on Instagram.

Leo The Maine Coon: The King of the Feline Kingdom (And His Siblings Are Well Aware!)

Leo The Maine Coon: The King of the Feline Kingdom (And His Siblings Are Well Aware!)

Leo the Maine Coon’s Instagram account features a collection of stunning photos that showcase his adorable and majestic personality.

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