Home Depot has employed the reticent stray dog, and his actions are heartwarming.

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When we receive even a small amount of love, it can have a transformative effect on us humans. Adopting an animal has the potential to improve the lives of two individuals—the animal and yourself. Both lives become intertwined as the animal finds a safe and secure space to call their own, accompanied by a loving family. Likewise, the human caregiver gains a loyal companion who will cherish them unconditionally throughout their lives. It truly is a win-win situation, offering immeasurable benefits. However, it’s important to note that the adoption process is not a simple endeavor.

The shy stray dog has been hired as an employee by Home Depot and his actions are touching

At the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter, Jackie Rakers made the compassionate decision to adopt a timid dog named Heaven. Recognizing that Heaven was plagued by fear and lacked self-assurance, Jackie was determined to help her overcome these challenges.

To address Heaven’s insecurities, Jackie devised a unique solution—they started visiting Home Depot.

The shy stray dog has been hired as an employee by Home Depot and his actions are touching

In a conversation with The Dodo, Rakers shared, “The Home Depot runs began as a way to address her anxieties.” She further explained, “Since she was afraid of unfamiliar places and sounds, we would go there for short five-minute visits, and she would be rewarded with treats.”

Over time, these visits to Home Depot gradually extended, allowing Heaven to gradually acclimate to new environments and experiences.

It’s worth noting that Home Depot is a dog-friendly establishment, which provided a welcoming and accommodating environment for Heaven during their outings.

The shy stray dog has been hired as an employee by Home Depot and his actions are touching

Consequently, Heaven developed a strong sense of comfort and familiarity at Home Depot. She began engaging with the store’s employees and visitors more frequently, gradually becoming more sociable. In fact, after a few visits, Heaven was even given her own apron!

Now, whenever Jackie retrieves the apron, Heaven instantly recognizes that they are heading to Home Depot. Rakers explained, “I always keep it in the car so we’re prepared at all times.” She continued, “The moment Heaven realizes we’ve arrived in the parking lot, she trembles with excitement, eagerly waiting for me to put the apron on her before dashing off to ‘work.’ She struts around the area as if she owns it.”

The shy stray dog has been hired as an employee by Home Depot and his actions are touching

Now, Home Depot has a remarkable addition to its team!

Heaven has become a beloved figure within the store. Every staff member knows her by name, and she is welcomed with open arms. In fact, she has even been granted access to the employee break room, making it feel like a second home for her.

Not only is Heaven popular among the employees, but she also enjoys interacting with the customers. Her friendly and playful demeanor brings joy to those she encounters during her time at the store.

The shy stray dog has been hired as an employee by Home Depot and his actions are touching

Rakers observed, “Heaven has a knack for sensing when someone is having a rough day, and she will make a point to approach them.” “She simply sits and looks at them, and they often express how much they needed that uplifting moment.”

It’s as if Heaven has a sixth sense for finding people who could use a little cheer. Home Depot provides the perfect environment for her to spread love and joy to those around her.

Through these regular visits to Home Depot, Heaven has undergone a remarkable transformation. Although she was initially fearful of everything, with dedicated training and patience, she has learned to trust and now pays it forward. Rakers shared, “She actively seeks out people who may need her presence, offering them a warm hug and a comforting smile.”

The shy stray dog has been hired as an employee by Home Depot and his actions are touching

Jackie is always doing something with her house, so they go to Home Depot frequently, which is also a comfort for Heaven.

Take a look at how pleased she currently is!

The shy stray dog has been hired as an employee by Home Depot and his actions are touching

It simply takes a little love and the proper kind of parenting to bring out the best in your pet. Heaven is the ideal illustration of this.

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