Found many flying saucer-shaped stones, Russia suspects traces of “alien”?

Tìm thấy nhiều phiến đá có hình đĩa bay, Nga nghi ngờ dấu vết của người ngoài hành tinh? - Ảnh 1.

A Russian search team discovered many flying saucer-shaped rocks in Volgograd, Russia. The search team confirmed that the stones contained Tungsten, a heavy metal that has applications in the weapons industry. However, the origin of these stones remains a mystery.

Tìm thấy nhiều phiến đá có hình đĩa bay, Nga nghi ngờ dấu vết của người ngoài hành tinh? - Ảnh 2.

A giant stone slab is lifted by a tractor in Volgograd, Russia.

According to the site Bloknot Volgograd, Russia, this discovery was made by Kosmopoisk, a Russian scientific organization. Before that, in 2015, the team had found many flying saucer-shaped stones. However, only recently, they discovered a stone many times larger than previous searches.

“The stones we found earlier are less than a meter in diameter and one in Kuzbass is about 2 meters in diameter,” the discovery leader Chernobrov told Bloknot Volgograd. He added that the new stone is unique because of its enormous size.

These stones are shaped like flying saucers. This has made conspiracy theorists suspicious of the existence of extraterrestrials. Professor Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily thinks that this is the mark left by aliens and confirms that the flying saucer is made of tungsten.

The search team confirmed that the stones are a thousand years old. During the discussion, Professor Waring explained: “These rocks look very similar to those that I have seen in the NASA image of Mars. Therefore, I conclude that these objects are military detectors, but perhaps they were damaged during the Mars attack and fell to Earth.”

Tìm thấy nhiều phiến đá có hình đĩa bay, Nga nghi ngờ dấu vết của người ngoài hành tinh? - Ảnh 4.

UFOlogists assert that these stones are the remains of an ancient spaceship during the Mars raid.

However, there are other explanations for these stones as well. In early 2022, a coal mining company in Russia also discovered a disc-shaped object in Siberia. This strange artifact was found 40 meters underground. This shows that they are quite ancient. Archaeologists examining this object confirm that the stone is completely man-made, and there are no traces of aliens.

Tìm thấy nhiều phiến đá có hình đĩa bay, Nga nghi ngờ dấu vết của người ngoài hành tinh? - Ảnh 5.

The UFO-shaped object was found by a Russian coal company.

Fortunately, the scientists at the Zhirnovsky Museum were not distracted by conspiracy theories and approached the problem rationally. They are in the process of studying these disc-shaped stones to determine their age and the materials that make up them.

Some UFO skeptics believe that the objects are not man-made, and that their round shape is caused by erosion. According to the website Bloknot Volgograd, the large stone is currently being placed at the Zhirnovsky Museum pending further investigation.

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