Excavating an ancient tomb 2,000 years ago, overwhelmed to see a golden lion weighing a ton

The 2,000-year-old tomb was discovered at the Xinjiang archaeological site (China) making archaeologists stunned because there are countless treasures belonging to “national treasures”.
The Xinjiang South Railway plays an important role in the transportation system in China’s Xinjiang region. It starts from Turfan, passing through Yuergou, Korla (Kurla) and Kashgar.

It is worth mentioning that, 45 years ago, when railway workers built Yuergou station, they discovered a series of ancient tombs of different sizes. Among these tombs, there is a more special one. It contained countless golden national treasures, including a golden lion weighing up to 1 ton, which shocked the whole country and even the world.

Khai quật mộ cổ 2.000 năm, choáng ngợp thấy sư tử vàng nặng cả tấn - 1

During the construction of the railway station in Yuergou, Xinjiang, archaeologists made a priceless discovery.

Priceless treasures in the “Golden Tomb”

Khai quật mộ cổ 2.000 năm, choáng ngợp thấy sư tử vàng nặng cả tấn - 2

Archaeologists have discovered a tomb filled with gold and priceless treasures.

Specifically, in 1976, during the construction of Yuergou station, railway workers dug many ancient tombs. In the first phase, they excavated a total of more than 20 large and small tombs, including many bronze and pottery items, but none of them had significant archaeological value.

According to the Xinjiang Institute of Cultural and Archaeological Relics, these ancient tombs belong to the period from the Spring and Autumn Warring States to the Qin and Han dynasties, the owners of the tombs are all nomadic ethnic minorities.

In the following period, ancient tombs were excavated in the area more and more, amounting to more than 80 tombs. In particular, among these is a very large mausoleum, and the amount of gold and silver and treasures found in this tomb is also countless, it can be said to be unprecedented. And this mausoleum is therefore called the “Golden Tomb”.

Khai quật mộ cổ 2.000 năm, choáng ngợp thấy sư tử vàng nặng cả tấn - 3

Gold treasures were discovered in the tomb.

The “Golden Tomb” is 7.1 meters deep, about 6.56 meters long and 4.22 meters wide. This is a vertical mausoleum, clad in cobblestone, with a rough and simple shape, reflecting the ancient nomadic way of life. There are 8 gold talismans engraved with tigers, 4 gold belts in the shape of tigers, a plate in the shape of a lion and more than 200 other gold ornaments such as gold beads and gold flowers discovered in the tomb.

Khai quật mộ cổ 2.000 năm, choáng ngợp thấy sư tử vàng nặng cả tấn - 4

A lot of gold in this 2,000-year-old ancient tomb.

Khai quật mộ cổ 2.000 năm, choáng ngợp thấy sư tử vàng nặng cả tấn - 5

There are also gold particles.

The most startling is the gold lion card weighing 1 ton, carved lifelike.

Khai quật mộ cổ 2.000 năm, choáng ngợp thấy sư tử vàng nặng cả tấn - 6

Exquisite gold plates were found in the tomb.

Khai quật mộ cổ 2.000 năm, choáng ngợp thấy sư tử vàng nặng cả tấn - 7

surprised archaeologists.

In addition, archaeologists also discovered a one-of-a-kind lacquer “treasure” in the ancient tomb, a very important discovery because it helps to put an end to the controversy over whether China was capable of making perfect lacquerware during the Warring States, Qin, and Han dynasties.

Unfortunately, the results of the excavation of the “Golden Tomb” have not been made public for various special reasons. However, this makes the public more curious and interested in it.

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