Evidence of the existence of giants in the legends of ancient civilizations

There is a strange peculiarity in the New Year of the different ancient cultures of the new world, that is, by the evidence of the existence of the strange giant.

It’s just that modern humans can’t fully rely on this, because according to current scientific theory, living things on earth cannot thrive due to the earth’s gravity.


When the height of a human is more than 2 m, the body will experience various health problems due to the influence of selection.

We can find clues about us in many myths from ancient civilizations: Greece, Northern Europe, Germany, India, Indo-Europe, and stories from the New World.

According to the records of the Mayas, Aztecs and Incas, real giants existed in the world, especially the unusual shapes of the frescoes of the ancient Egyptian pyramids.
According to the BBC’s description, more than 100 years ago, several researchers discovered a site in the US that is known to be the location of giant water.

If such giants exist on earth, how should civilized history be cleaned up on earth?

Once three divers found a huge canyon at the bottom of the sea, it was amazing!


After that, the image of this giant cannon has caused lively discussion on the Internet, and many people believe that a giant man once existed on earth.

Before modern humanity died, humans once ruled the earth, but these prehistoric human civilizations ended in disaster.

Archaeologists have discovered a mysterious stuffed animal on Kilimalanjaro, Africa, on whose side walls dating back 50 million years have been discovered.

These walls tell a story that scientists could not even imagine.

At the end of the dinosaur extinction period, there were still a small number of prehistoric dinosaurs in the world that were identified at that time.

Owning intellectual property and architecture, knowing how to use metal as weapons and decorations, they even tamed a bunch of giants.

They all chased and held the monster captive.

Tròn mắt với bộ xương người khổng lồ

According to the walls and a number of fossils, these prehistoric people had large heads, protruding heads, and thick limbs.

During the course of their investigation, the archaeologists discovered that there was still a “water giant” that existed with them, with a height of more than three meters and a body structure very similar to that of modern humans.

In many places the remains of giants have been found. Image source: kenh14 They are very intelligent and have economic power with prehistoric water, often changing some essential needs.

These “monsters” have been coming for a thousand years when the disaster killed all the loons and a strange disaster occurred.

Most land animals drowned at that time.

According to the description of the frescoes, most of the people have been swept up by the giant waters up to their feet in a huge ship.

But both badly injured, they thrived on Mount Kilimanjaro, and when the flood receded, the tribes descended and spread across the globe.

These walls are described as sinister and end with everyone going downhill.

Some alpha experts and orthodox scholars believe that there was still a large amount of water on earth in Ancient Egyptian times.

They once ruled the early days of Ancient Egypt. Then, due to the rapidly changing terrestrial environment, the lower temperature and lower oxygen content both disappeared.

Although remains of giants have been found in many parts of the world, they have not received the attention they deserve, perhaps archaeologists will find more with this mysterious stone from the future. can be revealed.

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