Check Out This Impressive Tiny House for Sustainable Living Inspiration

We are seeing more and more tiny houses all around us, and people are becoming more aware of the importance of sustainability. Therefore, the number of people who want to experience minimal living has also increased. If you have a dream of such a tiny house in your mind, the house in this article can be a source of inspiration for you.

The Specs: A Detailed Look at the Features and Design of the Tiny House

The living space is designed to be as functional and comfortable as possible. The living room and kitchen share an area of 12 m², while the bathroom and bedroom are 3 m² and 5 m² respectively. The kitchen is equipped with a 60 cm deep kitchen countertop that is resistant to water, moisture and heat, a sink or ceramic sink with a polished stainless steel body, a chrome sink faucet with a working pressure of 0.5-10 bar and MDF laminate kitchen cabinets. The kitchen countertop is covered with a solid wood panel, adding a stylish touch to the interior.

Photo Courtesy of Vega Tiny House

Functional Living: The Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, and Bedroom Spaces

The bathroom features a ceramic shelf washbasin with a single faucet hole, a chrome-plated concealed shower set, a shower tray or shower unit, a washbasin cabinet with two drawers, a mirror with cabinet and a chrome washbasin faucet. A toilet set completes the bathroom and ensures that all basic amenities are available.

The living room is designed to be versatile and converts into a double bed when opened, providing a comfortable sleeping arrangement. The bedroom area is cozy and provides ample space for two people to sleep comfortably.

Exterior and Interior Customization Options: Galvanized Steel Construction, Insulation, and Wall Paneling

The exterior of the small house has a U/C profile galvanized steel construction and facade cladding in accordance with the project. The house is well-insulated to provide heat and sound insulation. Interior walls can be customized with optional wood panels or FRP options.

Photo Courtesy of Vega Tiny House

Floor, Plumbing, and Electrical Installations: Fully Functional and Ready for Occupation

The floor of the small house has an 18 mm plywood floor, PVC flooring with wood pattern, and 30×30 cm ceramic tiles for the bathroom floor. The electrical and plumbing installations, clean water and waste water connections, and modern lighting systems ensure that the tiny house is fully functional and ready for occupation.

Outdoor Spaces: A Patio and Terrace for Relaxing and Entertaining

The electrical and electronic equipment includes anthracite concept switches and surprises and a 220 Volt 32 Amp air conditioning supply. The 20 m² patio area and 18 m² terrace area provide ample outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining.

Trailers and Carrying Capacity: Built for Mobility and Convenience

Photo Courtesy of Vega Tiny House

The stairs and rails of the tiny house are designed with stainless steel stair railing and waterproof wooden staircase, while the ceiling/roof consists of 5 x 10 cm vertical application beams and 3 Ribbed Roof Panels (Painted Galvanized Sheet). The tiny house is built on a trailer with a carrying capacity of 3500 kg, a cab length of 5.65 m, a drawbar of 1.6 m and a width of 2.05 m. The main carrier chassis is 12×6 cm and the tiny house has a torsion double axle and a ground stabilization jack with 14-inch rubber tires.

Photo Courtesy of Vega Tiny House

All in all, the tiny house offers the perfect solution for those looking for an affordable and sustainable housing option. The features and conveniences of this custom tiny house make it an attractive option for individuals or small families looking to live comfortably in a small space without sacrificing functionality or style.

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