Charming Mediterranean-Styled Retro English Homes

The elegant charm of Mediterranean architecture has become a popular inspiration for modern home design in recent years. Classic elements like arched doorways, tile roofs, and exposed wooden beams can add a touch of Old World romance to contemporary houses. For those looking to renovate an older English cottage or build a new home, integrating select facets of Mediterranean style can create a casually sophisticated aesthetic.

Retro English Houses with Charming Mediterranean Style

Whitewashed Walls and Arches

A fresh white exterior is characteristic of idyllic Mediterranean villages. Whitewashing outer walls and adding touches of light stone or paint creates a clean, bright facade. Arched windows and doorframes also nod to Mediterranean influences while providing visual interest. Consider painting front doors a lively color like cobalt blue for a pop of contrast.

Retro English Houses with Charming Mediterranean Style

Open, Airy Interiors

Breezy Mediterranean rooms feel laidback yet elegant. White or neutral walls, high ceilings, and lots of natural light keep the interiors feeling open and airy. Incorporate archways between rooms for a seamless flow. Add warmth with terracotta tile floors and exposed ceiling beams made from natural wood.

Retro English Houses with Charming Mediterranean Style

Rustic Touches

The Mediterranean look embraces imperfections – peeling paint, well-worn floors, and distressed or mismatched furniture add to the rustic vibe. Pick pieces like weathered wood tables or wrought iron beds. For a unique focal point, display collected items like antique dishes or old gear. Raw, organic textures prevent spaces from feeling too precious.

Retro English Houses with Charming Mediterranean Style

Lush Greenery

Vibrant plants, vines, and outdoor living spaces connect Mediterranean dwellings to nature. Paint a front door a bright shade of teal or orange, and flank it with terracotta pots overflowing with flowers. French doors that open to a cozy patio or small courtyard let fresh air and sunlight filter in. Herb gardens and lemon trees also bolster the laidback Mediterranean charm.

Retro English Houses with Charming Mediterranean Style

Bringing Mediterranean accents into your home creates an updated vintage look. With its hospitable charm and relaxed elegance, this breezy style blends seamlessly into both heritage homes and modern spaces. Simple touches like arched windows and vine-covered walls make everyday living just a little more idyllic.

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