By killing and destroying the python in a hard battle to the bitter end, the fighting snake manages to avoid the python’s death.

This is the dramatic moment a king cobra was found on the side of the road trapped in a fierce death grip with a python.

The two predators clashed in the bush before stepping out in front of passing drivers in Nakhon Si Thammarat, southern Thailand, on December 9. Incredible footage shows how the python wrapped its thick body around the cobra and tried to constrain its adversary, who then sank its fangs into its opponent’s neck.

Viewer Anochit Preecha watched as the two reptiles struggled for dominance while twisted in the fierce duel. He said: ‘One was fighting for his life, and one was satisfying his hunger. I am lucky to have witnessed such a rare event.

Video: King cobra triumphs after facing death in a brutal fight with python m>

Pythons kill their prey by strangling them to death, while cobras strike the base of their target’s neck to inject a deadly venom. This time, the cobra was able to hold out long enough as its deadly venom weakened the python, causing it to lose its grip. He then slowly died before the cobra swallowed him whole.

Some snakes, including pythons and cobras, practice cannibalism when fighting over food or territory.

A python and a king cobra were seen locked in a life-or-death struggle in southern Thailand earlier this month.
Anochit Preecha watched the fierce duel in Nakhon Si Thammarat on December 9 after tripping over snakes on the roadside.
The two predators had initially begun to confront each other while partially hidden in plant matter on the side of the road.
However, before long, their dramatic battle had collapsed on the side of the road, for any passing motorist to witness.
The python initially gained the upper hand by wrapping itself around the body of the black king cobra and attempting to squeeze it to death.
However, the cobra responded by sinking its fangs into the larger snake’s neck and letting its venom work.
The battle had begun with the two snakes partially hidden by bushes and plants on the side of the road.
With the python’s intense grip on the cobra, the smaller snake had no choice but to wait for its venom to take effect.
For a moment, the cobra’s struggle seemed to be in vain, with the two large snakes tangled together.
However, eventually, the cobra’s venom took effect and loosened the python’s grip around his body.
At first, it seemed like the black king cobra was doomed, as the python established dominance early in the battle.

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