Before the 2023 season, F1 legend Jenson Button establishes a reaction-based world record

Split image of Jenson Button with a chequered flag and the batak speed wall

British former world champion Jenson Button has successfully conquered NOW Sport’s batak wall, setting the record for the most lights extinguished on a batak/target wall in 30 seconds with 58.

He beat the previous record holder by just two lights – which was achieved as part of a Guinness World Records LIVE event in Dubai, UAE by Arshia Shahriarhi (Iran) back in 2019.

Button set the record to promote the upcoming 2023 F1 season, which begins in Bahrain on 5 March.

The batak wall itself is a piece of equipment that tests reflexes and agility, with several lights illuminating and the player then having to tap them with their hand to turn them off in the quickest time possible.

It’s official, I am the @GWR holder for the Batak board reflex test. Big thanks to @NOWSport for making this possible, watch all the drama unfold on the track with NOW on the 3rd March

— Jenson Button (@JensonButton) February 28, 2023

We’ve had no less than 14 record holders in this category since it first opened in 2012!

“The batak board is a device that racing drivers use for reactions, stamina and peripheral vision, which is the big one people don’t often think of,” Button told NOW Sport.

Now working as part of Sky Sports’ broadcast team, he had an astounding career as a driver in the sport for the likes of McLaren, Honda, Williams and Renault.

“58! In my twenties, I got 56 so look at that. Getting better with age, I’m 43,” he said before giving a cheeky wink.

It was back at Brawn GP in 2009 when Button became a world champion, winning six of the 17 races that season including at the famous Monte Carlo street circuit in Monaco.

His first season in Formula 1 came at the age of just 20 in 2000 and he was a mainstay on the grid for 17 years before leaving and joining the Super GT series in Japan for a few seasons.


And despite being one of the most glamorous and well-known sports in the world, Formula 1 just keeps on growing.

They have a huge presence on social media and Netflix’s Formula 1: Drive To Survive has recently returned to our screens.

Season five of the behind-the-scenes show from the 2022 season dropped in late February 2023; unfortunately the first series began a year after Button’s final season as a driver.

It has followed drivers since the 2018 World Championship season, focusing on contract disputes, title fights and teammate rivalries.

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