A UFO was stopped in flight by an Italian fighter pilot. This is the available evidence

When the Italian Air Force pilot had finished his mission of reconnaissance, he was on his way back to the base in Treviso when an unidentified flying object passed through Italian airspace without being spotted. The command was sent by the Istrana radar centre to the military aircraft interceptor, which was then tasked with locating and identifying the intruder. After successfully completing a reconnaissance mission on June 18, 1979 at 11:30 a.m., pilot Giancarlo Cecconi was flying his G-91R fighter back to Treviso Air Force Base in Italy in the company of G-91R group 14 of the 2nd Fighter Wing of the United States Air Force.

An Italian Fighter Pilot Stopped a UFO in Flight This is the evidence that we have

Pilot Tec. Giancarlo Cacconni of the Italian Air Force attempted valiantly to gather proof when he intercepted an unidentified object over Northern Italy by capturing pictures of the extraterrestrial ship with his camera mounted on his G.91 fighter jet.

An Italian Fighter Pilot Stopped a UFO in Flight This is the evidence that we have

Captain Giancarlo Cecconi was an Italian Air Force pilot, born in Caserta, Italy on April 12, 1950 and died in Rome, Italy June 27, 2014. The incident is significant thanks to the camera footage, radar, and visual evidence from several witnesses, including a highly respected fighter pilot.


Before I was told to intercept a UFO, it was a typical day. As a fighter pilot for the Italian Air Force, it was my responsibility to impose radar coverage in and around northern Italy’s restricted zones. I was instructed to start the interception procedures for a UFO that had entered a forbidden region in the middle of my operation. I felt up to the challenge as a young Air Force lieutenant with only four years of military service, and I replied quickly.

An Italian Fighter Pilot Stopped a UFO in Flight This is the evidence that we have

An photograph taken by the Italian fighter pilot who intercepted the UFO showed a little, sparkling object in the backdrop. One of several photos purportedly shot over the previous 50 years is this one. The encounter is detailed in a new book by UFO researcher Antonio Urzi called “Gli Appunti di Giancarlo” or “The Notes of Giancarlo.” He stated:

Cecconi drew closer as soon as he made contact with the item to try to spot the burglar visually. Although he was unsuccessful, his jet experienced significant electromagnetic stress, making control nearly impossible. The pilot had to conduct a climb at maximum capacity before pulling out of a power drop. The following weeks saw other incidents of a similar nature

An Italian Fighter Pilot Stopped a UFO in Flight This is the evidence that we have

According to Cecconi, “the invader was going at a very high speed, as if it were a space rocket, and had no wings or identification markers.” In order to find out the location of the mysterious item, the pilot radioed Istrana. There is an amazing picture of the UFO. To believe it, you must see it.

An Italian Fighter Pilot Stopped a UFO in Flight This is the evidence that we have

Cecconi himself as well as the radar operators at the Istrana control center have publicly confirmed the incident. And that’s evidence, backed up by Witnesses.


Despite the mystery surrounding this case, there are a number of theories that might explain what occurred. One the one hand, it is conceivable that the occurrence was only misinterpreted by air traffic control, pilot mistake, or was merely an optical illusion brought on by sunshine reflecting off an airplane’s tail. Gianncarlo Cecconi’s military career in Italy was undoubtedly anything but routine, based on the official Italian fighter pilots photo, which is all we have to go on.

Cecconi, in an interview with a newspaper, he said:

“I noticed a shiny object on the radar that we had not seen with our eyes. Initially I thought it was a patch of ice, so I tried to intercept him.” “When I identified it on the camera and saw that it was something different from what we could identify, I looked at it for about two minutes and I photographed it.”

After speaking with Giacalone, Cecconi verified that he had, in fact, performed a visual identification. He then sent the control center the code-sign «URGENT — TELL THE TRUTH». But the response was prompt: “NO, emphasize NO UNIDENTIFIED FLIGHT.

It is undeniably true that both actual and reported UFO encounters were frequent during periods of aerial warfare. A fighter pilot who “saw” one from his aircraft and reported it had a significant risk of receiving criticism from his other pilots who had likely seen the identical UFO shortly before or after him. The facts of this case, however, are unique since they are beyond dispute.

He yet disregarded the incident as merely another UFO sighting. There are several possibilities to explain what caused Cecconi’s experience, even if the official documentation from Perugia claim that he had a “distorted” contact with an unidentified flying object. Or was it anything else? Was it really an extraterrestrial encounter?

What really caught my attention were two things: the position of the saucer in relation to the other aircraft, and how perfectly its image was reflected in the mirror-like finish of the canopy. After that moment, I forgot about everything else… even navigation. I am positive that it was nothing terrestrial, extra-terrestrial or any sort of Air Force secret weapon. It was an unknown object.


Although the pilot seemed to have gotten a lucky shot, he was unable to offer any solid proof that the image contained a UFO. Many people have begun to question the UFO’s appearance in the photos due to the absence of cross-examination on the matter. Even if it’s obvious that it’s a UFO, some individuals continue to question or cast doubt on the UFO itself.

The UFO waited for the fighter aircraft to arrive so that it could have a better look rather than trying to avoid it. It’s unusual for a pilot to see anything like this, especially when flying over one of the nation’s most significant military installations.

Fortunately, these occurrences may be captured on camera, and in this instance the image ended up being widely shared. Therefore, let’s just depend on the data at hand, which is a photo shot from the fighter plane of an Italian pilot, rather than accepting personal judgments from individuals.

As you can see, there is proof that the military formerly conducted extensive global UFO investigations. We don’t know much about other recent occurrences, but there will undoubtedly be more than before, even if it is apparent that the UFO phenomena is still being examined with great interest today.

We would be able to travel anyplace in the cosmos by simply defying gravity and propulsion our spacecraft in the other direction at an unbelievable speed if an unknown and mysterious source of energy could be created.

The most significant aspect of these spacecraft is that they will be self-sufficient, drawing their energy directly and independently from the Sun. Remember that 2017 marked the beginning of UFO disclosure. These are all just views, despite the fact that some of them are at least slightly grounded in science.

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