A Huge UFO Is Seen Flying Above Las Vegas for Many Hours

The Las Vegas Strip is a small 4-mile stretch of dirt, but where almost anything can happen. Residents of “Sin City” are no strangers to the strange and unusual; in fact, UFO sightings are a common occurrence in Las Vegas.

And it makes perfect sense. After all, the infamous Area 51 Air Force facility and suspected alien testing site are just a few miles across the desert.

With that in mind, it’s not all that surprising, or even out of the ordinary, that more UFO sightings have surfaced a couple of days before Christmas 2022.

While at Sapphire Las Vegas for an overnight job, a group of employees noticed a strange “patch of lights” in the sky. Although obscured by clouds, a cluster of red, white and yellow lights was clearly visible above the club.

Sapphire manager Brett Feinstein was among those who witnessed the strange event, recording the lights with his phone before posting it on social media as UFO evidence.

“Honestly, this is really weird  ,” Feinstein said as he looked up to reveal the glowing orbs. “I mean, we’re here every night. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

A Colossal UFO Spends Several Hours In The Sky Over Las Vegas.


The UFO sighting in Las Vegas immediately elicited a flurry of responses, many of which agreed that the lights were, without a doubt, those of an alien craft.

“Of course it does, because it reflects light when it hits it! This is definitely something from up there,”  wrote one user. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unless you see a UFO, don’t stay in Vegas  ,” another joked.

Others asked questions:   “When, exactly, did Feinstein see this? Did he hire actors to pretend to see the UFO with him? Was all this just a promotional tactic for his club?

However, Feinstein assured them this was not a hoax. “They told me at 11:47pm,”  he wrote in the replies. “I think it was there a while before I came along. Our security guard Sapphire said she saw something fly and then it appeared. He has been there for several hours. Eventually, he began to fade behind the cloud cover. He never moved or made a sound.”

A Colossal UFO Spends Several Hours In The Sky Over Las Vegas.


According to the National Weather Service, there’s a good, if rare, explanation for the lights, and it has nothing to do with UFOs. Experts believe they were ” pillars of light ” since the light cluster did not move and the temperature of the cloud was low enough to produce the phenomenon.

“The long multi-colored pillars of light crossing the sky look like the perfect backdrop for an impending alien invasion  ,” the NWS wrote on its   official website.  “But actually, the pillars of light are a common effect that can be found all over the world.”

“They come from above, they are not aliens, but small ice crystals that are suspended in the atmosphere. … Ice is highly reflective, so when light hits the wider faces, it bounces off and reflects off more ice crystals.

“That means we have these vertically stacked mirrors floating in the atmosphere,” they continued. “The light that strikes it is reflected up (or down, depending on the source) and becomes a radiant pillar in the sky. Light can come from the sun, the moon, cities, street lamps, any strong light source.”

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