A 22-year-old Toy Fox Terrier holds the record for the oldest living dog in the world

When Bobby and Julie Gregory of Taylors, South Carolina, USA, decided to add a puppy to their family over twenty years ago, they had no idea that their beloved Pebbles would become the world’s oldest dog.

The four-pound Toy Fox Terrier, born on 28 March 2000, is an astounding 22 years and 59 days old and continues to prove that anything is paw-sible.

The world's oldest living dog is a Toy Fox Terrier that is 22 years old. - srody.com

Pebbles was older than TobyKeith, the previous oldest living dog, when the news of TobyKeith’s age first broke, and the Gregorys realised this.

Julie stated, “As Bobby sat on the couch, his friends and family began texting and calling him about an article they read about a 21-year-old dog breaking a record.”

“I applied after seeing TobyKeith’s story all over the news.”

When they first saw the pocket-sized puppy, Pebbles’ family had intended to adopt a large breed dog.

Pebbles made up for her diminutive stature with her larger-than-life personality.

As Bobby surveyed his surroundings, he observed the puppy following him and running alongside her inclosure whenever he passed.

“She was barking and jumping at Bobby so much that he had no choice but to pick her up and examine her.” – Julie Gregory

“They fell in love the moment they met,” Julie continued.

Pebbles has been the queen of her home ever since she entered the Gregory household.

Pebbles typically has a calm and loving demeanor, despite the fact that she can be a bit irritable when first awaking.

The world's oldest living dog is a Toy Fox Terrier that is 22 years old. - srody.com

She enjoys being petted and cuddled and loves the attention her family lavishes on her.

In contrast, her schedule resembles that of a party animal.

She listens to country music during the day and sleeps in until 5 p.m.

“Pebbles is similar to a wild adolescent who enjoys sleeping during the day and staying up all night” – Julie Gregory

“She enjoys listening to country music as she sleeps. Julie continued, “Her two favourite country singers are Conway Twitty and Dwight Yokum.”

The world's oldest living dog is a Toy Fox Terrier that is 22 years old. - srody.com

Pebbles consumes food and water as soon as she awakens from her doggy slumber before staying up all night.

Pebbles became a widow in 2017 following the death of her Toy Fox Terrier “husband” of 16 years, Rocky.

The pair produced 24 puppies across three separate litters.

Julie stated, “Rocky was spayed because we deemed it unhealthy for Pebbles to have any more litters.”

Pebbles has rediscovered happiness throughout the years by engaging in some of her most cherished hobbies.

Although Pebbles does not typically play with toys, she engages in a variety of other activities throughout the day.

Julie stated, “Pebbles does not have a favourite toy, but she enjoys snuggling under blankets.”

Pebbles will occasionally venture into the backyard to play under the palm tree and walk with her owner, Bobby.

Pebbles enjoys the summer because it gives her the opportunity to sit on the steps of her family’s pool and soak up some rays.

Pebbles still has an impressive appetite and eagerly anticipates her meals.

In 2012, her veterinarian put her on a diet of cat food, which is reputed to contain significantly more meat-based protein than dog food.

Despite the fact that table food is typically too rich and fatty for dogs, the Gregory family occasionally gives their furry friend a bone.

Pebbles is occasionally permitted to indulge in a delicacy such as steak or a chicken burger.

She occasionally sneaks in a hamburger or hot dog, according to Julie.

The world's oldest living dog is a Toy Fox Terrier that is 22 years old. - srody.com

In fact, Pebbles celebrated her 22nd birthday with ribs and a warm bubble bath.

Aside from the typical signs of aging, Pebbles is in excellent condition.

The majority of Pebbles’ acquaintances cannot believe how long she has lived. – Julie Gregory

Most of them have known us for over 20 years and remember when we got her, so they frequently remark on how incredible it is that we still have her.

So, what is the secret to a long and healthy life for a dog?

Julie suggests lavishing your dog with affection, attention, and ample food.

Because they are family, treat them as such. Give them as much as possible of a happy, positive environment, good, clean food, and proper medical care,” said Julie.

The world's oldest living dog is a Toy Fox Terrier that is 22 years old. - srody.com

Julie remembers reading about the record titles for the tallest and oldest living people, and never imagined her dog would someday be a Guinness World Records title holder.

“We are truly honored. Pebbles has been with us through everything; ups and downs, good times and bad, and she has always been the beacon of our lives,” said Julie.

“We truly love her more than anything so for her to have this time to shine is truly precious to us.”

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