“Draymond Green Reflects on his Heartwarming Connection with LeBron James: A Special Brotherly Bond”

Draymond Green on Friendship with ‘Big Brother’ LeBron James: ‘Love Him to Heaven’


On Podcast P with Paul George on Monday, Draymond Green, a forward for the Golden State Warriors, said that his friendship with Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has never been better.


“My big brother is to blame for us being as close as we are. “Love him as much as you can,” he said (1:49:53). “And nothing is going to change that. Our relationship is the only thing that keeps getting better.”


Fans might wonder how two people who play against each other on the court could be friends. Green said that many people around the world work for competing companies or organizations but still have friends.

“Because ours is on display for everyone to see, it becomes a problem,” he said. “I’m here to tell people that they probably shouldn’t worry about that because they can’t change it and it doesn’t affect their lives.”


Green’s life is going well right now because he got a four-year, $100 million deal with the Dubs this offseason. This deal should keep the 33-year-old player with the team for the rest of his career.

Before the offseason started, there was a lot of talk about LeBron James’s old friends coming to LA to play with him. But it didn’t happen because the few people who were said to be interested went back to their own teams. Kyrie Irving, who went back with the Dallas Mavericks and was never likely to come to Los Angeles, was another example. But Kevin Love, who went to UCLA, was the more realistic choice.

LA needed help from a big man, so there was a link with Love. He went to school in Los Angeles, and when he and James lived in Cleveland, they were very close. For a pair this season, it all made sense. But Love chose to stay with the Miami Heat after helping them get to the NBA Finals last season. He decided to stay in South Beach for two years. It’s possible that the Lakers didn’t care about Love. Before he played well, During the playoffs, many people wondered if he had much left in the tank. The 34-year-old power forward would have looked good in purple and gold, and the two teams have been linked since before James moved to Los Angeles.

It just wasn’t meant to be, and the Lakers went in a different way. Jackson Hayes, who used to play center for the New Orleans Pelicans, was brought in to fill their big man spot. Maybe in another universe, Love picks the Lakers and he and James get to play together again.

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