‘0% chance of survival’: World’s most premature twins defy doctors

Adiah and Adrial Nadarajah (Canada) are now the most premature twins ever born.

It took 200 hours to make a sparkling bridal gown with over 50,000 gems

The record for most crystals on a wedding dress was broken by Michaela Ferriero with 50,890 Swarovski crystals attached to a stunning gown.

French cooks break the record by making pizza using 834 different cheeses

A new record for the most varieties of cheese on a pizza has been set by three chefs in Lyon, France with 834 different types of cheeses

An Oreo biscuit measuring 73 kg has been created, and it looks delectably delicious

A new factory producing Oreo biscuits has celebrated its opening by making a monster cookie weighing 161 lb

Jordanian archaeologists discovered 14,000-year-old bread.

Bread being one of the most important food was verified to be older than we thought.

The world’s largest scrambled eggs weights more than two tonnes.

Chefs in Mauritius have cooked up the largest scrambed eggs with a dish that weighs nearly 2,500 kg, a third bigger than the previous best

No one in history has waited longer for the throne than King Charles III

King Charles III’s record-breaking wait for the throne lasted 70 years 214 days.

An Australian student’s aim to transform ordinary objects into record-breaking feats

Australian student Oscar Lynagh is on a mission to break world records with everyday objects, and he’s done it 17 times so far.

A Dubai driver spends nearly $15 million on the world’s most expensive license plate

Dubai now hosts the most expensive car registration in the world after one sold at auction for a whopping $14.97 million

Inside Adele’s journey to become a worldwide mega hit

As Adele turns 35, we take a look back at her journey to legendary Guinness World Records status.